Friday, July 10, 2009

The Newest Trend in Vitamins

For years, we've been taking vitamins. Most of us have been taking those little tablets since we were young children, with the exception of babies. Babies get their vitamins in liquid form because they can't swallow pills.

Now, adults also have the option of taking their vitamin supplements in liquid form.

You've probably seen all those bottles in your pharmacy and didn't know what they were. The idea of taking vitamins with an eyedropper and dropping it on your tongue probably never crossed your mind.

However, it is now a choice you can make.In fact, it's a choice that has been made by most people that take vitamins. In addition to all the benefits you're about to read about here, liquid vitamins also taste great, being available in different flavors.

Popularity of Liquid Vitamins
In addition to being popular for its ease, taking liquid vitamins has other benefits as well.

The traditional method of taking vitamins was in taking little pills that looked like aspirin. While there is nothing wrong with taking these little vitamin pills, liquid vitamins have many positive points as well. Many individuals that take vitamin pills have problems digesting them and develop heartburn or acid indigestion. They don't always absorb very quickly because they have to break down from their capsule form before they can be dispersed into your blood and throughout your body. This is one advantage of liquid vitamins. They get absorbed almost immediately.

To many people it may not matter how quickly the vitamin absorbs into their system. Most people are in a rush in the morning on their way to work or school. They barely have a chance to do more than drink a quick glass of juice or cup of coffee to wash their vitamin down and they're out the door. They certainly don't have the time to wonder where and what their vitamin pill is doing once they've swallowed it!

Unfortunately, some of the vitamin pills that we swallow go through our body and out again without ever being absorbed in the system where they can help us. It's almost as if we never took the vitamin. What good is that? However, with liquid vitamin supplements, we never have that worry as it begins being absorbed as soon as it's in our mouth. This gives it a huge advantage over vitamin pills.

Liquid vitamins are more popular than they've ever been in the past. This is also a great way to get children to take their vitamins more freely. They'll love the taste of them and love doing what they see their parents doing
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