Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heavy Metal Screen Test

World's first immediate method of screening heavy metals.
Easy to do.
Quick and reliable results (2 tests per kit)
Scientifically approved.
Tests your drinking water, urine, saliva, and other aqueous solutions, dust, paint, and food.

The scientifically documented Heavy Metal Test (Screen) allows the detection of free electrically active heavy-metal ions in any aqueous solution such as drinking water, urine, and saliva, by means of a simple single-use procedure and in just a few minutes. It is easy to conduct and the results are not only quickly obtained but also provide a dramatic and convincing demonstration of the product. The test is recommended for anyone who is concerned about the level of metals in their body or currently considering using a celation or detox product such as Natural Cellular Defense by Waiora. This is one of the most effective, scientific ways to have information to document a products effectiveness from baseline to end result .

This is a must have for Waiora distributors!

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